The quality of our water resources has always been critical to us because of our proximity to the Bethpage/Grumman plume and the Oyster Bay landfill and other known plumes north of the Village that are making their way to our wells.

Throughout our Master Plan, it is brought to our attention that water resources are the “Weak Link” as we redevelop our Village. If one well goes down in the summer months, it states we could be in a water emergency.

During the last year several monitoring/ test wells have been installed in and outside the Village.

  • What are they for?
  • When will we be informed?
  • Why are they within the Village limits and not the fringes?
  • Why are 2 of them east of the Village…. Is there another plume?
  • What if any mitigation is being planned?
  • Are we being proactive or reactive?
  • What’s the big secret?

NOTHING has been shared with our residents.

Are you aware that the new water tower the Village put out to bid came in at $ 5 million dollars?

We have been told over several years that the tower was being replaced.

Instead of a newsletter about parades and fun activities, although enjoyable, when will we use the newsletter to tell the residents what they need to know about our water and our future?


As we all know, parking in the Village has become a challenge. The current administration has made efforts to provide parking BUT the issue that needs to be addressed is the “Relief” all businesses request when they open shop on Main Street. Our existing code grants the Board the right to waive up to 90% of the required parking and pay a fee to the Village for their shortage. The Board is under no obligation or required to grant such relief.

I agree Main Street looks great but what you don’t see is what we need to be concerned about!

There are several pending applications for catering facilities that are proposing 100s of additional seats. If the lots are packed now, how can these facilities receive approval? The Board needs to step up and consider bold decisions to address this issue. Several existing restaurants have complained that business is down as people can’t find parking.

Visionary leadership needs to consider all aspects of parking including employees and customer’s needs. Waiving 90% of the estimated parking for commercial sites is not forward thinking!

How much parking has been lost due to waiving of the code?

Would you believe over 800 spots!!

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