Lost Revenue

The codes were created as a win win vehicle to revitalize the Village’s Main Street and bring back social amenities, such as a park, through redevelopment and allowance for greater density in the downtown, particularly in close proximity to the train station.

The current mayor has said publicly on more than one occasion:

“I don’t think the builders should have to pay ANYTHING to build in the Village of Farmingdale”

He is a man of his word. Residents have received crumbs while developers have reaped millions of dollars at your expense.

Our code requires our village to secure a 10 year Proforma from all developers who are requesting density bonus. The village has NOT followed the code once! They just change the code when it suits the buider. Everyone has relief for parking.

Our code requires the Village Officials to secure a 10-year Proforma analysis from all developers who are requesting density greater than that which is allowed.  This Proforma Analysis shows the revenue the developer will receive and what is offered to the Village for this extra density.  The village has NOT followed the code once! They just change the code when it suits the builder. Everyone has received relief for parking. Multiple waivers are granted on every application to the Board even if such relief is prohibited by the code.

I have prepared a Proforma Analysis for all the recent developments – please review these numbers! See what the developers will receive and what the Village receives in return.

Click on images below to view my Proforma Analysis.

This past October, a meeting was held at Village Hall to discuss establishing a “Workforce Housing Zone” on Route 109.  Over 125 people were in attendance and many offered their questions, concerns and requested that the matter be given more study.  Not one person suggested that this Zone be created without further study and discussion.  The Board did not acknowledge any of the comments of the attendees and further passed a unanimous resolution to establish the Zone.  The meeting was a sham!

“It’s wonderful that the Mayor secured millions of dollars in grants. Our administration did the same, and the initial grants provided the money to engage professionals to help us write the Master Plan. These grants are our tax money being returned to us. My feeling is that this money should have been matched by the developers who have made multi millions in our village. If they paid their fair share maybe, we could have offered our residents a tax cut?”

Who really has benefited most from cozy developer deals? Certainly NOT the residents.  Tax dollars from all the new developments have gone back into the commercial base thus spreading the burden, and in effect reducing each commercial owners’ taxes.  Overall taxes paid to the village are by residents some 65% and commercial owners pay 35%.  So, I ask you, who has benefited more?  Each resident must look beyond the nice new storefronts and ask that question, honestly are you better off?  Do you have faith in the current leader to work more for you, the RESIDENT? Or will it be for the developers??  Time for a change…

When I was in office, we reassessed the Village and locked in a 60/40 split, residential vs commercial. This means 60% of the annual tax levy is paid by residents. Why does the current budget have the residents paying 65% of the levy? Time for an explanation, time for a change…

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