Leadership / Transparency

Leadership: To better understand the value of a good leader you must see that person in action, interacting with residents, conducting business. The opinions from many residents who attend the monthly meetings are that residents’ questions are not answered, they are given little respect, the Village officials are not proactive but rather reactive and there is little if any transparency. It is time for a change toward proven leadership. Strong leadership that laid the foundation of the vision expressed by the community of how the Village should progress towards the future.

Yes, the current Mayor did settle the Federal housing lawsuit, but I ran against the administration that got us into that mess to begin with. And I won!”

Case in point, after 2 years of residents’ complaints re: the Hubbard property at 20 Merritts Rd, the Mayor has finally called a meeting with the Village engineer to explain the breakdown in this 9-year debacle.

Without any outreach to the public, how did a new townhouse code get adopted that allowed 24 townhomes to be built on ¾ of an acre on Route 109??
How come the Master Plan insisted as a social amenity that the Staller building on Main Street set aside land for a pocket park and it was never acted on??
With a simple ad in the Farmingdale Observer in the legal section, the Board allowed multiple family residences to be constructed on 109 after 4 years of study said to keep 109 as business auto centric uses.


Transparency: All residents have the right to know about all the business that is conducted in the Village with the exception of any pending litigation and personnel issues.

Codes are not being upheld, developers are not providing information required by code, and “spot zoning” is now planned under the guise of settling the Hofstra Lawsuit.  How many in the community are even aware of the Hofstra lawsuit?

Six holes have been dug throughout the Village to test our Village water.  Why?  Are we in danger of contamination?  Why aren’t we being informed of this procedure currently taking place.

The Board of Trustee meetings are not well attended. To quote the Mayor “Only complainers come to the meetings”. Unless you agree with the Mayor, you are not treated with respect. Past practice was the Trustees full package of materials to be voted on was available online. That practice ended in 2017. When the Board is asked a question that can’t be answered that night, that should remain as old business for the following meeting. That hasn’t happened necessitating a return to the Board meeting to ask the questions again. Constituents have sent letters and emails that are not addressed, or emails returned, only letters of praise are read into the record. Public comments recorded in the minutes are nonexistent or at best very vague.

The constant contact emails for important issues are only now being implemented after years of requests from the public.

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